Monday, 18 June 2012

The No-Cost Norse Challenge

When I started this team, I set myself a challenge.  I wanted to see if I could assemble a Blood Bowl team and then make my money back by selling bitz that I didn't want.  You can read a little more here at the No-Cost Norse Challenge page.  I was pretty shocked to see I'd spent about £40 so far but actually I think that's alright.  It might be hard to get it all back but it's not impossible.  We'll see, anyway...

Unfortunately, there's not much else to share this week.  I've been trying to sculpt abdominal muscles and it's not been going well. In fact, it's been going badly enough that I'm thinking about buying a box of gors so that I could use their torsos instead.  On the one hand that means adding another box-worth to the Challenge... On the other, it'll make my sculpting life easier and I could use the legs to create GW-legal werewolves.  Temptation strikes again!


  1. You might save some coin if you just get the bits you want instead of a whole box of sprues

    1. See that was the dilemma that inspired me to start the challenge. The bitz sellers charge ridiculous prices for bearded bare heads and stuff like that, I guess because the demand is high to use them on character or Space Wolf conversions. There's also the fact that these heads go out of stock pretty quickly so to get all the ones I wanted, I'd have to shop around, adding more postage.
      The heads go for between 50p and 75p, mostly for 60p. If I bought the 11 heads I wanted, that's £6.60 and the box only cost me £11.40.
      So to make it worth buying the box as opposed to bitz, i only have to actually make more than £4.80 back, which I think will be really easily done.

      Sorry, I have a tendency to over-think things :P