Monday, 2 July 2012

Agus anois, rud difriúil ar fad!

And now for something completely different!

Just wanted to apologise for the distinct lack of posts recently. I've been really busy with various things and I haven't been able to do much sculpting. The team are coming along slowly and I'll hopefully show some progress soon!
In vaguely related terms, I've re-bought some kit which will allow me to get back into Gaelic football.

You've heard of Irish kisses?  Well this is an Irish hug.
Gaelic football is a wonderful sport, kind of the platypus of the sporting world. When scientists first discovered it they thought it was a hoax, cobbled together from bits of basketball, volleyball, rugby and soccer. Unlike soccer, however, there's no whimpering about injuries. Well, there is... But when there is, there's generally a lot of blood or broken bones rather than a slight fall! We are routinely encouraged to elbow other players and knee them in the face when jumping for the ball.  Are you beginning to see why I'm such a fan of Blood Bowl? It's not for the faint-hearted at any rate. Although, it's much less dangerous than hurling. Hurlers are insane.

We used to play it at school but I really got into it when I got the chance to play for my university. I absolutely loved it but when I returned home I never bothered to continue with my local team so I'm very rusty. I'm looking forward to getting back into it though and it may inspire me to try creating a 28mm version of Tutatis, a whacky game by Greebo which is based on the auld Gaelic.  Check it out, it's different enough from Blood Bowl to be both challenging and fun in its own right. I particularly like the way it deals with the "Heroes". Yet another thing on my modelling to-do list!

Where do you guys find the time!?

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