No-Cost Norse Challenge

When I first started my Norse team, I was thinking about buying a marauder box and then some bitz from the marauder horsemen box to make some cool conversions.  After deciding what I wanted from the horsemen box, it was clear that from most bitz vendors, the price was getting incredibly close to the price of buying a brand new box.  This gave me an idea.

I decided I would buy the boxes and sell off the bitz that I didn't need afterwards in an attempt to at least partially make my money back.  And then I set myself a challenge.  The No-Cost Norse challenge.  In which I attempt to prove that it's possible to spend nothing on a team's worth of Blood Bowl models if you sell the useless bitz on eBay afterwards.  It may take a while because I'm still building the lads so I don't know which bitz I'll sell or not.  But I'll keep this page updated as I go.

Here's the costs so far:

Chaos Marauders and Horsemen- GW from Total Wargamer
Cost: £29.60
Money made back: £0

Werewolves- West Wind from Wayland Games
Cost: £7.20

Plastic Human Thrower- eBay seller
Cost: £1.50

Total Cost so far: £38.30
Total Regained so far: £0

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