Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Lessons Learned #2: Scale Creep is the devil.

Actually, let's get this straight.  I love scale creep.  I like my plastic heroes to be big and chunky, with disproportionately large hands, weapons and heads.
What I actually hate is what I call scale-slide.  Essentially, Warhammer models are getting smaller- or less heroic at least.  Case in point, flagellants.

I wanted to create a Kislev team for blood bowl. So, while waiting for Norsemen to dry, I thought I'd kitbash a mock-up of a Kislevite.  But it was more difficult than I thought because my choice of Cossack-esque torso turned out to be tiny.

Granted, he looks okay so far.  But to get what I want out of him is gonna take a fair amount of green stuff and I had hoped for a simple conversion.  It's pretty darn annoying that a Warhammer body looks small on Lord of the Rings legs.  Bizarre!

But anyway, just so I don't spend the whole post grumbling, here's my WiP thrower, who will eventually be pointing with his left hand:


  1. Awesome fig mate - top notch! I think a good thrower is key to the Norse running game.

    1. Thanks very much! Absolutely, I found it difficult to get the caging:running game ratio right to start with but I think I have the hang of it now.
      I'd be interested to know how well your son does with tactics, actually. When I was 11 I had no understanding of tactics whatsoever but maybe that was just me!

  2. It is an odd combination of drift: minis are getting bigger in general,but GW plastic regiments have been getting more 'delicate' with more natural proportions.

    I kit bashed an orc & goblin warband for Mordheim several months ago, using some of the old multi-part night goblins, since I prefer them much more than the new too-small single piece ones from the 7th ed box set. However, the bows were ridiculously thick, so I replaced them with bows from the common goblin kit.

    the conversions are looking good! should make a nice team :)

    1. Thanks buddy!

      Funnily enough, I almost mentioned how small the new Night Goblins are. I'm a big fan of goofiness in Warhammer, all this realism is bringing me down. Although, you're right, the old bows did look a little like bananas at times :P